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Yoga Professionals


EQUINOX AND THE EQUALITY OF THE SUN - With Thanks to the Supreme Yoga Guru.

Posted by Yoga Professionals on September 20, 2018 at 10:45 PM

Sunday the 23rd sees the Autumn/Spring Equinox depending on whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Time for another cyclical shift signaled by sunlight. Nature experiences the change in light (in relation to the Earths position to the sun) and the plants, animals and bodies of water adjust and adapt -  as easily as how the end of an inhale naturally becomes an exhale, or vice-versa, daily, seasonally and annually.

The Great Teacher.

Urban Yogi's, like most modern people can often lose their connection to the great teacher the sun and powerful rhythms of nature that speak to us and signal, just like in plants and animals that our own adjustments need to be made, internally and externally, physiologically, mentally and spiritually.

One way to assist these shifts and support ourself holistically is to become conscious of the changes in seasons, the quality and intensity of light and availability of certain foods and doing what we can to live with more or less light; ultra-violet, infra-red and Vitamin D with the seasonal and circadian rhythms changes. 

This can help us tune-in and respond to the external stimulus of nature, helping to balance internal metabolic processes by co-ordinating and working in harmony with the environment as best we can (light, food, water, practice, nature etc).

Sharing the Gifts.

We can also be conscious of this in our yoga practice whether teaching or participation, the class responds to the stimulus and guidance of the teacher their knowledge and guidance sharing ancient and modern yoga practices and philosophy (founded on these same natural principles).

Sequencing a yoga class involves using this knowledge and creating patterns and structures, the body and mind then responds to stimulus, just the way the sun shares its knowledge in sequences or cycles, the rhythms of the day, the contrast of night and day and seasons. The plants and animals adapt, adjust and sometimes accommodate in response to the light of the sun (as someone I know would often say). 

In class, as students we respond, on gross or more subtle levels to the teacher or in our own practice to our own intuiton and yoga knowledge and play  - maybe today the class is more dynamic (day/yang) or restorative (night/yin), shorter or more extended, given time constraints.

We bring our mind and body into focus, into alignment gradually with warm-up, mobilisation and stretch adding in awareness on the breath, maybe a mantra, a drishti(focal point) etc to build the sublte prana and physiological benefits, guiding the pratice towards a more general class or more specific goals.

When teaching, knowing the benefits of counter-postures and sequencing, considering time of day, ambient temperature, goals and level of the group assist us in sharing with the students equally, like the sun giving to everyone, (except to those maybe in Scotland), without the expectation of receiving. 

The Greatest Cosmic Cycle of Death and Re-Birth.

The practice ends with finally cooling and settling ourself before the counter-posture to the active practive, the corpse posture or Savasana. The ultimate relaxation posture gives us time, like the night time hours, to relax the body and mind; a time for stillness, surrender and an opportunity to revitalise the system. We can also honour the greatest of cosmic cycles, that of death and re-birth.

If we tune into the lessons and wisdom of the sun and seasons we can think of the whole calendar year similar to a yoga practice and make a kind of sequence out of it. The Spring being the waking/warming up of the body and mind after the long savasana of the winter, you can see where I'm going with this.

The seasonal cycles and glorious sun and it's equality of influence over nature, the solar system and ourselves, can be the ultimate teacher sharing love and light (literally), teaching us of the gifts of the seasons, weather systems, food, climate and the benefits if heeded on our physiology, psychology and spirituality.

Happy Equinox.

Let Us Give Thanks.

With these feet I can dance

on the Earth, twist and turn,

make my way.

With these hands I can plant

an orchard, taste the sun,

share vital breath.

With these lips I can whisper

on the breeze, of stories

to touch your heart.

With these eyes I can see

an eternity, dream a journey

into tomorrow.

With these knees I can fall

be humble, kneel with the ants,

give thanks.

With these bones I can burn,

surrender to the earth,

become one...

dance with the sun.

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Reply Marie @ Jam yoga
1:44 PM on September 23, 2018 
Hi Wayne, I?m really enjoying your blog posts. What wonderful snippets of inspiration I feel have been missing from my yoga journey. I?m enjoying my path since qualifying with YP so much but as you say sometimes I miss the guidance of my fellow yogis. I think this forum is the guiding light to inspire my practice to share with my students. It feels so right. Thank you for continuing the path Conrad set out for us all. Hari om tat sat.