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Yoga Professionals

Yoga Worksheets Help Page

Dear student,

when filling in your Yoga Worksheets please ensure you answer the following questions using the guidelines so to avoid a remarking fee (as stated in your terms and agreements). We appreciate the language of the worksheets can be read in different ways therefore we have added this guide to help everyone pass first time.

The Learner Assessment Record (LAR) is given out on the face to face training day 1 only.

Reference to text

The original worksheets were written by the British Wheel of Yoga which reflects a Level 3 award (equivalent to A Level) and therefore referencing is required.

Referencing at this level would be to prove you have read around the subject and can give back up to the statements you make in an answer. These references need to be authorities in Yoga and therefore 'reference to text' here usually means ancient text quotes such as from the Bhagavad Gita or The Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali etc. It could also be a famous modern day swami or yoga guru such as Swami Sivananda or BKS Iyengar.

The Yoga Professionals manual has these references to ancient text within it so every answer you need is in the manual you receive on your practical training. You may, if you wish quote from your own book collection.

Example of giving reference to text in the worksheets:

Learner Assessment Record

Page 46 -

Understanding Bandhas,

Question 2 (give reference to text to support your answer in question 1, Describe what are Bandhas?)


Open your Yoga Professionals Manual to Chapter 22, page 285 for reference to text regarding Bandhas

Where it asks to give reference to text for Bandhas simply quote the text from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika seen right or on the next pages.

Continue with this throughout the worksheets finding the answers in the manual relevant to the subject.

Reference to text

Worksheet C, Understanding the purpose of yoga asanas:

Question 5 -

Describe the most common yoga asanas taught, page 51 LAR


The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga underpins the 'required knowledge' needed to teach a safe and effective yoga class.

The award requires knowledge on a set number of yoga postures as a minimum requirement; and these required asanas are found in your manual pages 275, 276, 277, 278.

Question 5, Worksheet C.

Describe the most common yoga asanas taught

Here you are required to write up 10 (ten only) from the list of 34 asanas found in the tables at the back of the manual (pages 275-278)

You will need to list these 10 asanast is (standing, balance, rotation, inversion etc) and its name it in English and Sanskrit

(please use at least one asana from each posture type)

Page 52

Question 7 -

Describe the considered benefits of the most common yoga asanas taught

Here you will need to describe the benefits of the 10 asanas on question 5 (please use at least one asana from each posture type)


Here you will need to rewrite your list of the 10 asanas and this time describe the benefits of each pose (all the benefits are found in the manual).

Question 8-

Describe any reasons for deferral of yoga asanas

Here you will need to describe from the 10 asanas on question 5 their benefits


Here you will need to rewrite your list of 10 asanas with (if any) reasons for deferral from the particular pose (again this is found in your manual in the asana itself under Prohibitions)

Please provide a variety of asanas to include all types of referrals such as high blood pressure (so list at least one inversion).

Worksheet D - Dealing with common conditions encountered in a yoga class


Answer this question from your Yoga Professionals manual Chapter 20 - Dealing with common conditions in a yoga class, pages 253-274 by writing about each condition in detail rewriting the information in your own words where possible. You are required to list each condition individually and give details along with any contraindicated yoga postures highlighted.

We hope all this helps with your success in achieving your diploma

Please note: this information is covered again on your face to face course


Om Tat Sat

Yoga Professionals